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Why are my fish dying?

Seems like an easy enough question; however, the answer(s) will depend on several factors none of which are all that simple.. To correctly diagnose the reason(s) why your fish are dying we will need to ask a few questions. Take the time and read over some simple steps to keep your aquarium fish happy and healthy.



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Water Quality

Critical to the health of your fish

Water quality is probably the single most important aspect of a healthy aquarium. In nature, your aquarium fish are constantly being supplied with fresh water, this is not the case in your home or office aquarium.

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Quality Specimens

Location, location, location

All fish are not bought equally. Big Box stores such as Pet Co. or Pet Smart are not the most reliable sources to purchase your saltwater fish. You might get away with freshwater fish, but staff of those big box stores do not have the means to provide you with quality specimens.

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